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Florian ChansonBlackoutburst

Lead Developer

A French developer specialized in JVM technologies
Currently working at Barbablanka  on Web/Android projects.

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My name is Florian Chanson, but I'm better known online as "Blackoutburst". I'm a passionate developer that love to works with Kotlin and create various projects.

I started learning programming back in 2012 to create Minecraft mods. Later on in 2015 I started creating my first standalone game project using OpenGL.

Few years later I started working on Android project and created a few small games and released one on the Google Play Store as a test in 2020.

I went to a programming school in wich I was not really enjoying myself, after 3 years I got hired by Barbablanka as a Full stack developer and got promoted to Lead developer soon after.


Florian Chanson







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